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Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. Announces Its “Corporate Personality”

Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. (OTC Pink: DUTV), today announces its Corporate Personality.

“It is my belief that a large role of a CEO is setting and ensuring that the desired “personality” of a company is clearly communicated and maintained. When customers interact with any of us at DUTV, they need to know what they can expect. Likewise, when investors interact with us, they too need to know what to expect.”

“DUTV will be a company with a very heavy focus on strong values. Similar to my other companies, the values for DUTV will be: Empathy, Perseverance, Integrity, and Approachability.”

“It is my belief and experience in growing companies that only by focusing your team on upholding and maintaining a VERY strong set of values, can you build a team of managers and employees who can make proper decisions on their own. If a manager or employee is ever faced with a decision that violates our DUTV corporate values, they instantly know that it is an incorrect decision for them to make.”

“A rule I have had in all my various companies is that if I EVER catch an employee lying FOR me, they are immediately fired. My belief is that if someone lies “for me” today, it will only be a matter of time before they are lying TO ME … and I don’t want them on my team.”

“As part of this, efforts will be taken at DUTV to have empathy for our existing common shareholders and stake holders. They have needs, and I and my team will do our best to take care of you and earn your long-term confidence and respect. With that in mind, there is no current plan for a reverse split.”

“I will do my best to keep our public shareholders regularly informed using a variety of different methods including news releases and various forms of social media. To lead the digital media effort for DUTV, we have just engaged my brother-in-law who most recently managed the twitter and social media accounts for some of the high level executives at the Bill Gates Foundation. As part of this, my own Twitter account of @markgaalswyk was just recently set up in the past couple of weeks.”

“Some have asked why I did not have a Twitter account in the past. Not sure how to state this best, but when you own at or near 100% of all of your various companies, there really is little to no “public” communication required – and I did not need Twitter to communicate with my immediate family members.”

“Also, in the agriculture marketplace, everyone knows everyone. Thus, it is less your “words” and more your “reputation” of upholding and maintaining strong ethical values that drives strong demand for your product. Now that we are a publicly traded company, we need to improve this area of public communication and you will see it steadily improving over time. Further supporting the need for strong values, anytime you are bringing disruptive technologies to a marketplace, and you tell your customers or investors “We can do this,” you need to have a reputation of high integrity so that they actually believe you.”

“Our Patented Modular Technology that we are bringing into DUTV, allows us to greatly shorten the time between the “Lab” and “full scale commercial scale deployment.”

“Anytime you reduce the timeline of a disruptive technology to a market by 20 years, your largest obstacle to sales is that you can become perceived too much as a “magician.” In this situation, having a reputation of ethics and strong values is what carries you over this hurdle so customers believe you. I don’t expect the readers of this news release to rationalize this concept now, but please remember it as we make further announcements over the next coming months.”

In summary: Expect the “personality” of DUTV to be a company with strong values of: Empathy, Perseverance, Integrity and Approachability.

About Digital Utilities Ventures Inc.:

Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. is working to become a formidable presence in the green solutions marketplace. We have identified strategic opportunities for acquisitions and joint ventures that will allow us to capitalize on existing and emerging opportunities in this industry. Consumers understand the significance of progressing from conventional assets to inexhaustible sources that produce no ozone harming greenhouse gas emissions from petroleum by-products and lessen air contaminants. Enhancing green solutions such as in energy supply and lessening reliance on imported fuels will assist with economic development by increasing occupations in manufacturing, assembling, and more.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release includes statements that may constitute ”forward-looking” statements, usually containing the words ”believe,” ”estimate,” ”project,” ”expect” or similar expressions. These statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements inherently involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements. Factors that would cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, acceptance of the Company’s current and future products and services in the marketplace, the ability of the Company to develop effective new products and receive regulatory approvals of such products, competitive factors, dependence upon third-party vendors, and other risks detailed in the Company’s periodic report filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. By making these forward-looking statements, the Company undertakes no obligation to update these statements for revisions or changes after the date of this release.

For more information, please contact:

Mark K. Gaalswyk, CEO Phone: 617-588-0068 Email:

SOURCE: Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc.



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