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$500m Available in USDA Grants to Increase Innovative American-Made Fertilizer Production



Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. (OTC: DUTV), announces that the USDA is making $500 million in grants available to increase American-made fertilizer production to spur competition and combat price hikes on U.S. farmers caused by the war in Ukraine. The grants will be used to support independent, innovative and sustainable American fertilizer production to supply American farmers.

DUTV CEO Mark Gaalswyk was previously asked to provide suggestions for the structure of the grant…specifically as it pertains to grant size and a strong focus on innovative, regenerative agriculture technologies that could be implemented by hundreds of small agriculture co-ops. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stated “the USDA believes in the growth of innovative, local businesses owned and shared by people who can best serve their own unique community’s needs, fill gaps, and build opportunities. Recent supply chain disruptions have shown just how critical it is to invest in the agricultural supply chain here at home.”

The timing for American farmers is excellent, as DUTV & Easy Energy Systems recently announced that the Easy FEN Modular Microbe Fertilizer System, utilizing the revolutionary, proprietary soil microbe formula (Terreplenish®) is now available for distribution in the United States. The fully automatic system, which can be deployed at rural agriculture co-ops, will convert green local waste from each local community into the very valuable Terreplenish liquid fertilizer soil microbe that is then available for local farmers and growers.

This revolutionary, proprietary soil microbe (Terreplenish®) has undergone 10 years of independent testing, led by founder Cathy Scratch and Senior Agronomist Ron Doetch of Solutions in the Land, along with other 3rd parties have completed numerous validation trials on more than 100 different crops. This extensive testing of Terreplenish®, along with its USDA certification, is a key reason that DUTV recently completed the acquisition to bring Feed Earth Now, LLC in as a daughter company under the DUTV public company umbrella.

The soil microbe absorbs plant-available nitrates by absorbing atmospheric N2, while other beneficial microbes thrive in soils and assist with enhanced plant growth and disease control while releasing tied up legacy phosphorus already in the soil.

For field crops, Terreplenish® provides 45-60 lbs of nitrogen credit per acre. Additionally, it also frees up 15 - 20 lbs of P205 (legacy phosphorous) per acre, while invigorating root growth. Thus, each EasyFEN system can generate approximately 1/3 of the fertilizer needs for 500,000 acres of corn. According to the USDA there are 92 million acres of corn being raised in the US; this means that 184 EasyFEN® modules, at a cost of $1 million dollars each, could supply 1/3 of the fertilizer needs for the entire US corn market!

Thus, unlike most “centralized mega plant solutions,” costing billions of dollars each, the innovative, factory assembly line built, decentralize modular EasyFEN® could potentially provide a savings to the Federal Government of literally hundreds of millions of dollars - while still providing a solution that could be available in a timely fashion to help with next year’s crop.

Water retention is also a key benefit. The Terreplenish® Liquid Microbial Fertilizer has been shown to provide for 125% of the water retention of the soil. This serves to reduce irrigation needs by 25%, a key need for the Western USA experiencing a water shortage with agricultural users mandated to either find water usage reduction technologies – or quit production all together.

Finally, Traditional petroleum-based fertilizers tie up much of the phosphorus in the soil that is then washed away, eventually ending up in the Gulf of Mexico. By utilizing the EasyFEN® system end-product, Terreplenish®, the nutrients tied up in the soil are made more easily available to the crops and reduce the excess fertilizer run-off which ends up in our water supplies.

While Mark Gaalswyk is also the Founder and CEO of Easy Automation, Inc. (the largest provider of feed and fertilizer software and automation mixing systems in North America) he additionally recently became the CEO of Digital Utilities and has created the wholly owned DUTV MN based subsidiary company of Easy Modular Manufacturing, Inc. to now begin ramping up manufacturing in Minnesota of the EasyFEN® factory built modular systems to be mass manufactured and available globally. As the modules are only the size of a half-sized shipping container, they can simply be placed in existing buildings and ready to run the day they are received. EasyFEN® modules are designed to be built and deployed very quickly, within 90 days of receipt of order. Thus, unlike large scale “mega plants” often taking years to construct, EasyFEN® orders placed this Fall or Winter can be built and operational to able to help meet the emergency fertilizer crisis needs of next year’s crop.

The company desires to partner with hundreds of agricultural coops and suppliers to utilize together this exciting recently announced USDA grant opportunity.

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