Experience Matters

Maurice Stone, CEO

Maurice Stone is a senior management executive with over 35 years of extensive entrepreneurial and business management experience.  He is skilled in forming and creating new businesses and new business market strategies.  He maintains an excellent background in business planning, financial planning, market analysis, media presentation, and the activities needed in structuring and implementing a medium to large scale multi-site business.  He has served as a principal and/or senior manager within private and publicly-traded enterprises. He sits on the Board of Directors of several companies. He is a knowledgeable and sought after motivational and inspirational speaker on economic development, community development, and other prominent socioeconomic issues.  In addition, he, along with the companies he has represented, has received a number of awards for high achievement and excellence in business and innovation.

Mr. Stone has also been involved as an equity principal and/or agent in various business structure financing in the energy, healthcare, entertainment, food service, and real estate markets.

Business Experience:

Mr. Stone is a business consultant lending his experience and knowledge for companies seeking new and increase market funding in the public and private markets since 2012, through his company MoSteph Holdings LLC.. Mr. Stone was also an Executive in Residence for Griffin Moor International LLP, a financial and advisory group, providing his knowledge and experience to middle market companies from 2014-2016.

Since 2012, Mr. Stone has been Managing Partner of Brazil Property International LLC (BPI).  BPI is a real estate developer, home builder, and financier in the Brazilian housing markets presently constructing over homes within the Country under the Minha Casa Minha Vida government sponsored initiative.

He was also President of iVoiceIdeas a social network of ideas that provides collaborative communities of groups and individual that give voice to sharing the best ideas, voting on interesting ideas, contributing to other’s ideas, and sharing those successful ideas with social and political leaders.

Mr. Stone served on the Board of Directors of the National Black Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC for 6 years and was the Chairman of its Energy Committee focused on obtaining Local, National, and International contracts for Chamber member companies. The Energy Committee’s purpose is to investigate energy-related topics and return summary issues and opportunities to the Chamber membership. In addition, the Committee can identify key issues and bring in appropriate expertise including consultants and vendors to assist member companies in their pursuit of contracts.